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High Performance ///

The ‘Sticks do it all: mash on groomers, surf backcountry pow, adapt to changing conditions, and look super sexy doing it.


Unerring craftsmanship ///

The Chilton Skis shop squad has a combined 25 years experience in fine woodworking and furniture design. For efficiency and consistency, we use machines and digital design tools as extensions of our hands and minds. But we’re truly in our element when we’re working skis by hand.


Next-level Sustainability ///

We’re committed to non-traditional, sustainable, salvaged material supply chains. What does this mean? We do it the hard way, because it’s the right way. Chilton leverages salvaged wood from the urban tree canopy and forests alike. While other companies rely on wood from far-away, industrially-managed hardwood forests, Chilton demonstrates the effective use of local, low-value wood in every ski core we profile and topsheet veneer we saw.


Support for Natural Resources-related Research ///

Science is sexy. It also forms the basis for human understanding of the natural systems and wild places where we, as skiers, play. Foresty. Hydrology. Wildlife biology and fisheries management. Soils. Wilderness studies. Wildland fire science. We think it’s critical to bring up the next generation of groms to appreciate complex environmental and legislative issues affecting the world around us. That’s why we’re establishing the Chilton Skis Competitive Scholarship for Excellence in Natural Resources-related Research, Journalism, and Art.